Decoding Men’s Gestures on First Dates

Man Gesture on Date

You’re on your first date and you feel all the butterflies coming in your stomach, wondering whether his fierce look towards you is a good or bad thing. We have all those uncertainties when we are on a first date, and most of the time, we worry ourselves on the little things that happen during that special moment that we miss the good things that should have happened.

Well, it’s understandable that we all want to play guru. We think that we know what our date meant when he tried to touch his lips while you talked – but do you really understand his moves or you’re basing it on your own perspective? Put your gut-feel to test and see if you can truly understand “the moves”.

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Here are the answers from men themselves, what do their moves mean on first dates.

We Do Dress to Impress
Contrary to what women think, even men tidy up to impress their date. If you see him all neat and impressive, then he had thrown an effort to look good in your eyes. Men said that if a woman gets them to dress even just a level neater than how they usually are, then he’s into you.

The First Impression
How did he approach you? Was he giving you a “meh” kind of feels like he wants to be in other places than to spend that day with you? Men decoded that when they see the woman they like, they would feel shy or blush but never tired nor lazy – so when he’s so weak towards you, it doesn’t mean he’s overwhelmed by your beauty, it actually might mean the opposite.

Lifting Eyebrows while You Talk
When women do the brow lifting while men talk, it might mean a bad thing, but as confessed by men, when they lift their brows while you talk, it means they are trying to get a wider view of something that captivated them. You might have said something that is adorable but they need to contain themselves or you just simply fascinated them and it’s making them felt giddy.

Is he rocking back and forth? Before you overreact, make sure that you’re not triggering him to do so. Ask yourself, are you intimidating him? Are you being too cocky? Or are you too heavy to handle? Men said that sometimes when women are getting out of their boxes it could mean two things, they’ll be too real or unimaginable. Though they said there is an exception – when men had taken a glass or two of alcohol – then rocking back and forth need no explaining at all.

Fidgeting in his Seat
Turning or squirming in his seat? It may mean that he is hiding something. It might be a cue that he’s getting sexually excited or he is in a situation that makes him want to run away. But how could you know which is which? Look for other signs – look into his eyes and you’ll find the answer.

The Hair Fix
Just like how women would fix their hair when they want to look good for someone, men also do that with the same intention. However, how they fix their hair could mean another thing. If he fixes his hair with his attention focused towards you and is smiling, it means he wants your attention. If he is fixing it as he approaches you or as you are approaching, it means he’s worried about how he looks and how you see him. Telling him that he looks great would give him a tiny spark of confidence.

Playing the Mime Game
Speechless? Well, the thing is, when a man is having a hard time to express his likeness, he uses his hands to send the signals. When a man does this, it means he is really trying to get connected with you. He wants to keep talking but due to some reasons he can’t just pick a word and say something. These men are good communicators. They’ll try to tell you what they want to say even if they’re out of words.

The V-Men
Is he one of those jokes who love to stare at you with their legs wide apart? If you’re into that type of relationships, then you’re good to go. However, experts say that if you want a serious, decent, not a one night stand kind of relationship, then you would need to run. These men won’t settle for a stare or a good night kiss – you know they want something more than that and that’s actually the only thing they really want. A man who is into you would act to be likable to keep you. They will not do anything that would creep you out. visit a12c4magic for more…

Dealing with Tough Times in a Relationship

Problems, difficulties, and trials are just normal in every relationship. You are going to have fights and misunderstandings, also expect that you are going to make sacrifices and that you will have to compromise to make it work. Even the happy and seemingly perfect couples that you see also have to go through rough times and those hardships are what will help to further strengthen the foundation of your relationship and your bond with each other.

If you are really willing to make your relationship work, to keep it strong and successful, you have to always expect that there will be bad times and take them with the good. It will not always be smooth sailing, so here are some tips to help you deal and survive when the going gets tough.

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Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter

Problems are problems, even the little ones, so do not ignore even the ones you think are just minor problems. Although those things might not last forever, they will also not disappear on its own.

The little problems might even be the reason for a big fight in the future, so you have to address them before they come out of hand. There are people who just choose to ignore the problems that they have just because they hate confrontation and want to avoid inconvenience

The unresolved problems are usually what rock a relationship the most, so you and your partner have to face the issue no matter how little you think it might be to keep it from affecting your relationship in the long run.

Avoid Venting Out on Your Partner

Avoid Venting Out on Your Partner

Life gets stressful and it could affect us, especially our behavior. When we get stressed out with work or family problems, our tendency is to vent our anger or frustration out on another person, and most usually, we snap on our partner. Do your best to keep yourself from doing this since this may lead to a big fight. Avoid blaming your partner or shouting at him just because you are having some difficulty on another aspect of your life.

If you did vent out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, apologize as soon as you realize what you did.

Expect Change and Embrace It

They say that the only constant thing in life is change, it is the only sure thing in this world, this is why no matter how difficult it may be, you need to embrace change. Do not expect everything to stay the same, learn how to deal with the changes that will happen with your partner and your life together. It is going to be challenging, but you have to be flexible and learn to adapt.

Patience and Understanding

Patience and Understanding

You need to be patient on tough times, don’t be quick to let go just because you hit a small bump on the road. Be patient and talk it out with your partner to smooth things out. You also have to understand that your partner will have off days, he will not always be warm and full of love, sometimes, he will also want his space. click here for more…